What to expect

A standard inspection will consists of the following components:


  • Foundation

  • Visible floor, wall, ceiling, and roof structure

  • Columns/piers


  • Siding and trim

  • Entryway doors and windows

  • Decks, balconies, patios, walkways, steps railings

  • Site drainage and vegetation

Roofing/ Attic

  • Roofing materials, gutters, downspouts, and flashings

  • Visible framing structure

  • Ventilation, insulation

  • Skylights, chimneys, and other roof penetrations


  • Visible interior water supply and distribution

  • Visible drainage piping 

  • Plumbing fixtures, faucets, tubs, showers, 

  • Hot water heating equipment

  • Sump pump 


  • Service panel and distribution panels

  • Visible wiring

  • Smoke alarms

  • Switches, outlets lights, GFCI, AFCI


  • Heating and cooling equipment using normal operating controls


  • Built-in appliances

  • Fireplaces and the visible components

  • Ventilation systems

  • Window and door assemblies

Pre inspection checklist

Being prepared for a home inspection is difficult when everyone is on a different page. The home inspector, client, client’s Realtor, seller’s Realtor, and the seller all have to be on the same page. Below is a pre-inspection checklist for both the seller and buyer. 


  • Signed and complete the written contract

  • It is not necessary to be present for the home inspection. It is often to your benefit to be present for the last hour of the inspection so we can answer any questions and discuss the findings of the report. 

  • If the client wishes to enter the property during the home inspection, he/she must be accompanied by a licensed NC real estate broker. 

  • Write down any questions you may have for the home inspector. 


  • Clean and declutter inspection access points such as closets, around appliances, attic, crawlspace, and basement. 

  • Plan to leave your home an hour before the inspection. 

  • Please allow your dogs and cats to take a vacation with friends, family or pet day care. Please cage all other pets if you are unable to take them with you on the day of the inspection. 

  • Please leave remotes and the necessary keys to access the property, such as garage remotes, unattached garage keys, crawlspace access keys, and keys for gates. 

  • Ensure all utilities are on in the home such as gas, electric, and water. 

  • Leave any paperwork for any maintenance, repairs or insurance claims.

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